This was one of my favorite pictures out of the bunch because of the story it tells and the reaction I got from the class when they saw this image. Everyone snickered a bit at the sight of this picture showing the “typical” men drinking beer and watching the football game. But when you look closer at the photo you start to realize the girly touches around the bar that make this picture memorable and humorous. To make this picture better I could have extended both sides of the photo to show a bit more of the scenery that these men were sitting in. Overall I really enjoyed this first assignment and had fun exploring and learning how to use the camera, even though I have much more learning to do!



1. Archives aims to ensure that researchers, historians, scholars, and all U.S. citizens have access to digitized content? T or F

2. Which man was credited with being the first person to make images move?

A. Louis and Auguste Lumiere

B. Thomas Edison

C. Eadwerd Muybridge

D. George Eastman

3. Film entrepreneurs realized they could control the film industry themselves through vertical integration, which consist of three pillars which are? Production, distribution, exhibition

4. Consensus narratives are popular cultural products that provide us with shared experiences?

T or F

5. Which of these are announcements written in the style of news reports that provide new information about an individual, a company, or an organization?

A. Video news releases

B. Press releases

C. Service announcements

6. People who are more likely to use social media are those who are

A. Extraverted

B. More open to new experiences

C. Neurotic

D. all of the above

7. What are the main two issues that journalist discuss through social media?

Crime and public affairs

8. Matching

a. episodic series 3

b. chapter shows 2

c. serial programs 4

d. domestic comedy 1

1. Tends to emphasize characters and settings over complicated predicaments.

2. Self-contained stories that feature a problem.

3. Main characters continue from week to week, sets remain the same and the crews stay with the program.

4. Open-ended episodic shows with story lines continuing from episode to episode.

9. What are three types of persuasive strategies advertisers use?

Plain-folks pitch, famous-person testimonial, bandwagon, sex appeal, snob appeal

10. How can we close the digital divide in our society?

One way is to make internet available in public libraries. Also to have cities offer free or inexpensive wifi.

Final Project Advertisement

Group Members: Jessica Winter and Matt Hanson

Project: To create advertisements by using sex appeal to show the affects advertisments have on society. We created three different advertisements for Budweiser, one that has very little sex appeal (Jessica), one with slight sex appeal (me) and an extreme sex appeal (matt).

finished project 


McGraw, K. (Photographer). Kauai Beach Scene (Nov. 25, 2007). Princeville, Kauai

Crews, J. (Photographer). (Dec. 1, 2011). Ragged Island, BS

White, I. (Photographer). (2006).

Wollstadt, R. (Photographer). (1973). Soulard, St. Louis Mo.

Journalism: Extra Credit

Journalist are using Facebook and Twitter as a distribution tool to get out important stories and to help promote themselves using social media. Journalist use social media to monitor news, report news, and find leads. The main issues that are discussed through these media tools are crime and public affairs. Most would think that sports would be a targeted area but actually it is not. Crime and public affairs seem to be the most presented through twitter and facebook and journalist stick to these two topics when reporting news. Not only are journalist using twitter and facebook but they are also starting to use other social media tools such as, pintrest, linkedin, and instagram. Journalist now are expected to be able to use technology and understand how these media tools work. Social media helps give some journalist an advantage over others, you may get hired over someone else because you understand how to use media and how to get information to these media users.  Also journalist have to know what individuals to tweet, or befriend on social media sites. These journalist typically are friends with influential individuals in society or people who have an impact through social media. They want to follow people who have many friends and who have a high level of respect from their followers. I also found it interesting that journalist best time to deliver news through twitter is during the evening. Most people read tweets from 5pm till 10pm which shows that these journalist do not have average work day hours, and are constantly using social media throughout the day.

When thinking about my future I think that these social media tools will be apart of my profession. I am wanting to go into advertisement and as we know from class discussions, advertisers are constantly using social media. When I am on facebook there are ads constantly popping up on my page. Advertisers look to promote their products and gain the interest of a wide variety of individuals by using these social media networks. So, I will defiantly be using social media in my future!

Technology: Where does it end?

I am always thinking of what the future holds for us when it comes to technology. Iphones, Ipads, touch screens, computers, where does the technology advances stop. When I think that they have came up with the best, they create something new. When I was reading this article I was amazed by what people eventually believe television will be able to do.

Can you imagine sitting in your living room watching a cooking channel and all the sudden you were able to smell the delicious pie, and not only smell the pie but also taste it. And how about the idea of having no remote control at all? That to change the channel or turn the volume up only takes a simple flick of the wrist. These future advances seem a little unrealistic to me. And not only that but this will take a lot of time to develop technology like that.

Some of the ideas do seem pretty realistic however, like the idea of not having channels anymore. The TV will be customized to the owners likings and they will not have to spend hours surfing through the channels. Also the thought that people will no longer have to buy TVs’ but instead buy multipurpose screens that you can use to chat with someone, surf the internet and watch the TV all at the same time. I do believe that these advances in television could be a possibility and would make watching television a better experience.

Technology is changing at all times. It is crazy to think how far technology has advanced throughout the years. I believe that these ideas about the future of television can and someday will happen.

FInal Project


Working in a group

We are creating 3 posters, 2 that are using extreme stereotypes and 1 that does not use a stereotype and comparing the effect they have on the audience. We are currently trying to figure out the main products we are wanting to use in our advertisements. And whether or not we want to do three different products or stick to one.

Responsibilities: Each person is in charge of creating 1 poster.

Purpose: It enforces the advertisement chapter we learned and focuses on the advertisement techniques that we discussed. Showing how they are used and why the are effective.

Time-line: April 4- Meet up with group and discuss how project is going, April 22- Finish poster,April 25- review project with the group, April 29- finish paper


My Memories, My Tunes

If I Die Young by The Band Perry: Last year one of my good friends passed away. This song was played at her funeral and every time I hear this song it makes me think of her.

No sleep by Wiz Khalifa: Every Sunday after a crazy weekend my two best friends and I would drive around all day and listen to this song. We would call it our Sunday Funday song.

Ice Cream Paint Job by Lil Wayne:  I lip synced to this song at one of my basketball parties. I dropped it low in front of the whole team so now they make fun of me for it. Every time this song comes on my whole team looks at me and even my coach now refers to me as this song.

I Loved Her First by Heartland : I am a major daddy’s girl and this song describes our relationship. This will also be the song me and my father dance to at my wedding!

Dance by Big Sean: This song I would play before every basketball game this year. It was a great pump up song and got me going and energized before my games. Also I love to dance and this is one of my number one choices to dance to!!

With You by Jessica Simpson: This brings back memories of the good ole days. Me and my girls belting this song at the top of our longs before softball games. This makes me think of softball when I hear it.

God Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts: This was me and my mothers favorite song. If we were having a rough day we would just turn on this song and sing it together. This song seemed to make everything better and I still listen to it today if I am having a rough time.

Hicktown by Jason Aldean: This song describes my town! I live in a town of 900 people and it is defiantly a “hick town.” ” Yeah they’re gonna get rowdy down at the football game.” All the lyrics describe how the people act and do things in my town, our town was obsessed with our football team!

Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain: This was my favorite song growing up as a kid. I absolutely loved Shania Twain and her song just reminds me of childhood. 

What Sells? SEX sells….

A beautiful women, with flawless skin, only wearing underwear; now this is a way to draw in peoples attention. Sex is the number one tool used to selling products. Like they always say “sex sells” and whether you love it or hate it, sex has always been used in advertisements. Imagine looking at an ad with a half naked woman on top of a man you would think that they were advertising a sexual product, but in reality they are just trying to sell shoes. We are sexual beings, and sex appeals to the eye for most human beings. But what are these advertisements saying about women?

The women used in most all ads are the same: beautiful, flawless skin, long, luscious hair, skinny with big boobs. This is telling women to look a certain way and it is portraying women as sexual objects. And not only are they displayed sexually in ads but they are displayed as having limited roles. They are rarely showed as being in business roles, work settings, or having any type of authority. In a SKYY Vodka ad there are three men sitting, drinking the vodka with a beautiful, skinny women wearing a tight, little, yellow dress laying on top of the them. This ad reinforces the idea that women are objects and are around to please men. In ad #67 Calvin Klein uses a skinny, pretty model with only underwear and a white beater on to help draw attention to their brand. The main focus though in this photograph is the woman’s butt. It is up in the air and draws direct attention. They used her as an object and used sex to gain attention from consumers. Advertisers know that beautiful, sexy women appeal to men so they use these women to sell their products.

Whether this idea is right or wrong, the idea of using sex to sell is displaying women in a negative way. Women are not just sex objects that are there to appeal to the eye, and as long as these sex ads are still around women will still be portrayed this way.

Am I Being Stalked???

Advertisements are everywhere you look: billboards, face book, magazines, internet and the radio. They are a huge part of today’s society and are always looking for new ways to attract their audience. Facebook is a new popular way for advertisers to get their product out to people. Advertisers are now taking facebook and using the information that we give it to find out what our interests are. If you like a picture of Guess jeans then advertisers see this and start posting guess jean ads on your facebook. Even if you comment on others walls about a certain product the advertisers find this and use it to their advantage to try and attract you to their product.

Some people find this creepy and scary but honestly to me these advertisement agencies are just using their resources. We put our information on the internet and we have to expect that anyone and everyone can see our info and get a hold of it.

Target was recently found for doing this exact same thing to the guest of their stores. The main way they would do this was through pregnant women. They would study what they would buy, or if they put up a baby shower registry and use this to send them ads. Many thought this was not right and was very creepy and at first it was very uncomfortable the way Target went about doing this. They would just send the women pregnancy ads and that’s it, but now they are smarter and still send these women pregnancy ads but now add in random ads also so it doesn’t necessarily look like Target knows these women are pregnant.

Advertisers are finding new ways to find out the interest of individuals and find just exactly what they want to buy. Is this a form of stalking and are these advertisers being creepy? I don’t believe it is and actually this can be very useful to the consumer. They are showing us exactly what we want and sometimes helping us get them cheaper and easier. Advertisements will always be apart of our future and will continue to keep finding new resources to get their customers to buy their products.

Who said fat couldn’t be healthy???

As I was looking at the health and diet section of Glamour I came across an article titled Health Controversy: Can you be fat and healthy? This article really caught my attention and I wanted to keep reading. In today’s society the “perfect” woman is beautiful, tall, and skinny. To be a model your expected to be thin and have no fat but is being skinny actually healthy? Some people would say yes you have to be skinny to be healthy but that’s not the case here.

The photograph in this article really makes a statement all by itself. The photograph is of Anansa Sims who is a plus size model. The picture reveals her body and she does not have the typical skinny body type. She is a full figured woman and proud of it. Her face in the picture is glowing and yes she may have a few rolls or cellulite but she is a healthy and gorgeous woman. She states in the article that she has always wanted to be a model so when she was younger she would starve herself and take laxatives just to stay thin. But by being that skinny the model world loved her, but the problem was is she was very unhealthy and she didn’t love herself. She is now the size that she was meant to be and is now healthier than she ever was before.

This controversy will always be in effect and study after study will show different results to whether you can be fat and healthy. Individuals can be fat but also fit. If you can do up to 30 minutes of exercise that is better than being skinny and out of shape. Everyone has a different body type, the trick is to find your healthy body weight whether you are fat or skinny the key is to stay active and healthy. I hope that more people will realize that to be healthy doesn’t mean you need to be skinny, you can be healthy and still have some junk in the trunk!!